The RPSC RAS /RTS PRELIMS Solved Papers (2018-1995) will give you conceptual clarity of the previous years asked question which will increase your solving speed and accuracy which assist you to complete the exam in time.

This book provides you an idea of questions that have been asked in the Previous Years exams, and also tells what type of questions you should expect in the upcoming examination. This book also helpful for those candidates who wants quick revision and multiple time practice before exams.

✔ This Book ‘RPSC RAS /RTS PRELIMS  Solved Papers (2018-1995) ) will help the candidates with getting hands-on experience in solving the exam paper of Prelims and Mains.

✔RPSC RAS /RTS Exam will have three tiers of examination, Prelims, Mains and Interview stage.

✔ It will also test your retention capability and provide you with an idea of the topics and formulas you are weak in, allowing you to study them accordingly.


• This book consist Solved Papers from 2018 to 1998 which will be helpful in clearing this exam.
• This book consist more than 1500 questions & answers with explanations.

• The given explanation is in very much easy & lucid language for better clarity of students.

• Each question & its solution are provided in detail for better clarity of students. 

• Must have book for check yourself before the exam to get the confidence 

• All solution provided are in well-structured and relevant explanations provided.

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