The presented book 51 Essays prepared for a way that will be very helpful for the candidates who is Preparing UPSC Main exams. This book on essay writing is one of the most useful books ever produced for students who are taking up UPSC examinations particularly IAS. In the book text provides a unique approach to essay writing. The approach followed in the book is to stick to the topics as social, economic, political, science & technology, health & medical, ethics, & moral, educational, philosophy & religious, cultural, environmental, governance, psychological, Rural & Agrarian, urbanization, women, children, contemporary etc. that are generally asked by the UPSC, and to help aspirant’s build-up their writing skills, gain topic-based acumen and build information repositories to grasp the essay topics comprehensively. Hence the book is more useful to all aspirants of UPSC as well as State level upper examination.

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