"The new edition of B.Sc. Nursing–General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM) Entrance Exam 2022 by Team Prabhat introduces as a systematic and comprehensive study guide for assisting the aspirants in their exhaustive preparation.

Highlights of the Book:

Last 4 Years’ Entrance Exam Solved Papers
3 Practice Sets
Subjects divided Chapterwise
MCQs present Chapterwise
Solved Practice Sets
Ample Diagrams and Tables
Answers with Explanations
Lucid Language Usage
Simplified and Thorough Learning

Here’s a tip: Always set a timer while solving a Practice Set which will increase your speed and accuracy!

The book prepares you not only for cracking the B.Sc. Nursing (GNM) Entrance Exam but also improving your mental ability for future tests in Medical Sciences. The contents of the book, including previous years’ papers, important theory, theory-based exercises, focus on MCQs, additional questions for practice, make up the formula to measure your progress and enhance your knowledge."

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