"The Bihar state is a wonderful example of natural, cultural, political and intellectual prosperity as well as dense diversity of the geographical structure. The land of Bihar, full of glorious past and inspirational traditions, has the distinction of being the birthplace and workplace of great personalities. The presented book provides complete and comprehensive information about Bihar. Comprising 38 chapters, it not only analyzes the historical, geographical, political, social, cultural, and economic conditions of the state in detail, but it also presents limitless possibilities of future development. The logical and interesting presentation of the visible progress and change in Bihar presently, makes it unique. This book is completely useful and readable, not only from the point of view of the candidates, but also for the guidance of research students, teachers and readers.

Major Hightlights of Bihar General Knowledge
• Freedom Movement and Separate Bihar Movement
• Art and Culture
• Major Personalities
• Agriculture and Irrigation
• Population and Domicile
• Tourism and Disaster Management
• Major Commissions
• Local Self Governance
• Economic Indices
• Poverty and Unemployment
• State Policies and Industrial Policies
• Start-up Policy, 2017
• Information and Communication Technology Policy, 2011
• Bihar Advertisement Policy, 2016
• Bihar Right to Public Services Act, 2011
• Bihar Agricultural Land (Conversion for Non-Agriculture Purposes) Act, 2010
• Bihar Right to Public Grievance Redressal Act, 2015
• Bihar Prohibition and Excise Act, 2016
• Economic Survey 2020-21 and Bihar Budget 2021-22
• Effects of Partition
• Demand of Special Status for the State
• Economic Backwardness and Potential of Growth
• Good Governance and Seven Resolutions
• Bihar Foundation Day
• Statistical Presentation

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