"—Public Service Examinations across the Board in India offers immense opportunity for young talent to secure not only employment at prestigious positions but also gives them the chance to serve the nation in various capacities.

—These examinations are of a highly diverse nature as they test the candidates on diverse subjects, further spanning multiple dimensions largely the subjects related to Polity, Economy, History, Geography, Science and Technology, environmental sciences and miscellaneous topics like sports, awards and other events of national and international importance.

—All of this demand not only to study of these varied subjects but also practice in tackling the questions which are asked in the examination.

Highlights of the Book

Approach towards the subject — The book introduces you to the subject and the way in which this subject should be approached in order to score maximum.

Micro Detailing of the Syllabus— The entire UPSC CSE syllabus has been clubbed into broad themes and each theme will be covered with the help of MCQs.

Chronological Arrangement of Theme Based Questions— The various identified themes are arranged chronologically so that the entire Syllabus of a subject is roped in a logical line.

Last Minute Concept Revision— The end of the book contains the summary of important concepts related to the subject which can be used as your effective revision notes.

About GS SCORE— GS SCORE has been home to numerous toppers of UPSC's prestigious Civil Services Examination. Learning at GS SCORE is driven by two predominant objectives i.e. excellence and empowerment.


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