The new edition of IIT-JEE (Main & Advanced) CHEMISTRY is designed to present a whole package of Chemistry study preparation, sufficing the requirements of the aspirants who are preparing for the upcoming exam.


Highlights of the Book

• Exam Pattern and Chemistry Syllabus for JEE Main and Advanced included

• An Analysis of IIT JEE included

• Chapter-wise Theory detailed with 1000+ examples

• 5000+ Chapter-wise Multiple Choice Questions

• 2500+ Chapter-wise Different Format Questions

• Chapter-wise Assessment Test

• Chapter-wise HOTS Problems

• Appendix on Equations & Glossary

• JEE-Main and Advanced Mock Test

• NEET Mock Test

• Answers to Questions included with Explanations

• Presence of accurate Diagrams and Tables

From food to pharmaceuticals, Chemistry plays a huge role in making informed decisions. Therefore, this book proves a comprehensive resource of Chemistry and serves to be a suitable Study Guide for the aspirants, with focus on Qualitative Preparation and Systematic understanding of the Syllabus and Examination Level. With provision for self-assessment in Mock Tests, this book stands beneficial in imprinting concepts in the mind.

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