The new edition of IIT-JEE (Main & Advanced) MATHEMATICS is designed to present a whole package of Mathematics study preparation, sufficing the requirements of the aspirants who are preparing for the upcoming exam.


Highlights of the Book

• Exam Pattern and Mathematics Syllabus for JEE Main and Advanced included

• An Analysis of IIT JEE included

• Chapter-wise Theory detailed with 1000+ examples

• 5000+ Chapter-wise Multiple Choice Questions

• 2500+ Chapter-wise Different Format Questions

• Chapter-wise Assessment Test

• Chapter-wise HOTS Problems

• Appendix on Equations & Glossary

• JEE-Main and Advanced Mock Test

• Answers to Questions included with Explanations

• Presence of accurate Diagrams and Tables

Mathematics enables in effectively building mental discipline and encourages logical reasoning and mental rigor. Thus this book simplifies the understanding of the various mathematical concepts and formulae and proves to be a comprehensive Study Guide for the aspirants, with focus on Qualitative Preparation and Systematic understanding of the Syllabus and Examination Level. With provision for self-assessment in Mock Tests, this book stands beneficial in imprinting concepts in the mind.

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