The state of Jharkhand quintessentially reflects an enormous diversity of natural, cultural, social, political and geographical structures. This exquisite land represents swings of mellifluous music and pulchritudinous dance. Citizens enjoy the tune of dhol, mandar and flute which manifests the spirit of collectivism. The festivals and rituals such as Karma Puja, Sarhul, Tusu, Sohrai symbolize centrality of nature, its pristine simplicity, charm and harmony. This book provides complete information about various aspects of Jharkhand. It contains twenty chapters encompassing meticulous analysis of its historical, geographical, political, social, cultural and economic situations of the state. The contemporary development in terms of programs and policies has been presented along with statistical diagrams, which helps readers to comprehend the current scenario comfortably. In addition, up-to-date information has been compiled to facilitate students appearing for various competitive examinations. 893 objective questions along with their answers and fifty practice question sets make this book unique for young students aspiring to shape up their career. This book renders judicious mix of information, thoughtful interpretation of data, its analysis, and contemporary raw facts. This book is expected to be of great use not only for young students aiming at nailing competitive exams but also for researchers, teachers and avid readers who wish to explore this fascinating state


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