(1) The presented book JPSC (Jharkhand Public Service Commission) General Studies Preliminary Exam PaperI prepared for a manner that will be very useful for the candidates who is Preparing the upcoming JPSC Preliminary Exams.

(2) This book consists 15 Model Papers with Previous Years Solved Papers 20032016 along with Answers and Explanations.

(3) These Solved Papers and Model Paper will help to candidates for boosting the preparation level to excel in the exam.

(4) This book provides you an idea of Questions that have been asked in the previous Years exams, so an aspirant can do better preparation for upcoming exams. This book also helpful for those candidates who wants quick revision and multiple time practice before exams.

(5) The power of practice to perform exceptionally well in the exam. It will help candidates figure out their doubts and fears and will give the real feel of the exam. 



Previous Solved Papers —Pgs. 1–54

Previous Solved Paper-2003 —Pgs. 3–10

Previous Solved Paper-2006 —Pgs. 11–20

Previous Solved Paper-2008 —Pgs. 21–30

Previous Solved Paper-2010 —Pgs. 31–38

Previous Solved Paper-2013 —Pgs. 39–45

Previous Solved Paper-2016 —Pgs. 46–54

Model Question Papers —Pgs. 1–159

Model Question Paper-1 —Pgs. 3–12

Model Question Paper-2 —Pgs. 13–23

Model Question Paper-3 —Pgs. 24–37

Model Question Paper-4 —Pgs. 38–47

Model Question Paper-5 —Pgs. 48–59

Model Question Paper-6 —Pgs. 60–68

Model Question Paper-7 —Pgs. 69–77

Model Question Paper-8 —Pgs. 78–85

Model Question Paper-9 —Pgs. 86–94

Model Question Paper-10 —Pgs. 95–103

Model Question Paper-11 —Pgs. 104–112

Model Question Paper-12 —Pgs. 113–123

Model Question Paper-13 —Pgs. 124–134

Model Question Paper-14 —Pgs. 135–146

Model Question Paper-15 —Pgs. 147–159

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