This book is an attempt to acquaint readers with diverse topics related to the state of Bihar in the format of a questionnaire. Every effort has been made to introduce readers to little-known aspects of the state. The book deals with Bihar’s history, political system, geographical expanse, industry, agriculture, forest, tourism, education, arts and sports. The book contains 1,000 questions with four objective options.
May we be allowed to say that this collection is the most comprehensive quiz book on Bihar for competitive exams.




1. Bihar at a Glance—13

2. Ancient Bihar—20

3. Medieval Bihar—26

4. Modern Bihar—30

5. Political Structure—38

6. Geographical Structure—48

7. Mineral Resources—59

8. Industries—63

9. Agriculture and Milk Production—69

10. Forest, Wild Animals and National Parks—76

11. Tribal Society—82

12. Tourism—86

13. Education—93

14. Information Technology and Mass Communication—99

15. Arts, Culture, Festivals and Fairs—104

16. Public Welfare—115

17. Environmental Pollution and Health—119

18. Awards and Honours—124

19. Sports—129

20. Miscellaneous—134


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