This book, ‘Objective General Knowledge’, offers wide range of questions covering all the sections that come under the subject, G.K. This book is of high value to the students need a kind of single source to keep their knowledge update. This book will surely fulfil that requirement. The book provides an in-depth knowledge of Indian culture, history, polity, science, geography and many more in the form of MCQs with answer and explanations.



1. World History—1

2. Indian History—12

3. World Geography—33

4. Indian Geography—43

5. Indian Economics—54

6. Indian Polity—67

7. Physics—79

8. Chemistry—87

9. Biology—94

10. Scientists and Their Inventions—102

11. Science and Technology—109

12. Medical Science—117

13. Space Science—123

14. Sports and Sports' Personalities—130

15. International Organisations—137

16. Indian States and Cities—146

17. Books and Authors—153

18. First Woman in India—161

19. First Woman in the World—169

20. Indian Architecture—177

21. Indian Dances—186

22. Indian Music—191

23. Indian Paintings—195

24. Awards and Honours—199

25. Animals and Birds—208

26. Computers—216

27. Fairs and Festivals—223

28. Great Personalities—231

29. Wonders of the World—240

30. Health and Diseases—245

31. Human Body—255

32. Transports—264

33. First in India—270

34. First in World—283

35. Country, Capital and Currency—292

36. World Festivals—303

37. Important Days and Dates—311

38. National Symbols of Different Countries—320

39. Parliaments of Different Countries—325

40. News Agencies of the World—330

41. Indian Leaders’ Quotes—335

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