UPSC CSAT General Studies Paper-II (Civil Services Aptitude Test Solved Papers 2011-2022)

Book Description

• Book Name – UPSC CSAT General Studies Paper-II Civil Services Aptitude Test Solved Papers 2011-2022

• Examination – UPSC Prelim General Studies Paper 2

• Test – General Comprehension, Reasoning and Mental Ability, Quantitative Ability


• Analyzing the pattern of examination

• Checking the frequency of topics

Book Features

• Last 12 Years’ of Solved Papers from 2022 to 2011

• Answers compiled with explanations

• Lucid language usage

• Easy and thorough learning

This book focuses on providing an insight into the level of examination, thereby instilling confidence in the aspirants. With provision of collection of ample last years’ solved papers, the student can prepare well without hassle and anxiety.

Last years’ examination question papers are also useful in predicting the upcoming questions. On solving each question paper, the students can recognize what concepts are difficult in order to work on them more. Therefore, this book also carries features of Revision and Self-Assessment present in these papers.

Solving the papers will enable the aspirants to gauge their progress as well as prepare accordingly on simple and complex topics simultaneously, and thus scoring well.

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