— The Civil Services have risen in social reckoning as a career due to its significant role in bringing government’s policies to the people and making development possible on ground like a rainmaker.

— Qualifying for the Civil Services is also considered as a mark of talent and success given that it requires passing through a multi-stage rigorous system of examination and interview.

— Apart from job security and satisfaction the services provide ample opportunities and challenges to prove one’s mettle and also to contribute and give back to society.

— In India, the Civil Service is defined as "appointive positions by the Government in connection with the affairs of the Union and includes a civilian in a Defence Service, except positions in the Indian Armed Forces."

— Move forward with Heart within and God overhead.


Highlights of the Book—

Most Extensive Micro Detailing of UPSC Syllabus—Book offers extensive micro-detailing capturing the minutest details of the syllabus and orienting you for comprehensive coverage.

Complete Strategy for IAS Aspirant CSE—Strategist provides an end-to-end strategy to suit the needs of the candidate to get a firm grip on the examination and make you a winner by making you achieve your peak performance.

Approach of UPSC CSE—This book mentions the approach that one must follow for different subjects with the tools and techniques, as the demand of every subject is unique.

Do's & Don'ts for UPSC Aspirants—CSE Strategist offers you Do's and Don'ts, to keep your steps firmly on the path towards success, helping you avoid pitfalls and guiding you towards excellence.

About GS Score—GS Score has been home to numerous toppers of UPSC's prestigious Civil Services Examination. Learning at GS SCORE is driven by two predominant objectives i.e. excellence and empowerment.


Topics to be covered 

1. About UPSC Civil Services

2. About UPSC Civil Services Examination

3. Examination Strategy

4. Syllabus & Reading List

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