AFCAT Air Force Common Admission Test 2023 Comprehensive Guide

The latest edition of AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) 2023 Comprehensive Guide assures a thorough preparation with a combination of both theory and testing. This book is designed as an adequate and systematic study resource to pass the AFCAT.


Highlights of the Book:

• Latest Solved AFCAT Paper I/2022

• Subjects divided Chapterwise

• Chapterwise Exercise(s) present

• Combination of Theory & Practice Exercises (MCQs)

• Answers with Explanations

• Lucid Language Usage

• Simplified and Thorough Learning

This book is a comprehensive study resource that guides the student on understanding:

what the test is about,

what type of subjects it comprises, and

how are the questions phrased.

Then the final point of ‘how to succeed’ is accomplish as the aspirant starts following the book chapter by chapter, segregating the difficult and easy concepts and managing time accordingly.

The entire syllabus is segmented subjectwise: English, General Awareness, Numerical Ability, Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test. The ‘Multiple Choice Questions’ based pattern of study is beneficial for quick and long-lasting learning.

The aspirant will be able to deal with all the types of questions asked in exam, by solving the systematic concoction of questions. Along with thorough preparation, the book comes as a resource of Self-Assessment resource for the aspirants to gauge their progress.

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