The English language has very distinctive kind of verbs called phrasal verbs Formed by the combination of verbs and preposition or adverb their meaning is completely different from the original verb. The phrasal verbs help enrich the English language and are commonly used both in spoken and written form to express more lucidly. Their flexible nature allows for the creation of new terms. Since the meaning of these expressions differs from the original verb, they are very confusing. Therefore one needs to refer to a dictionary that can help understand the meaning behind these expressions. The meaning of these expressions are not found in dictionaries for they are a combination. This book will help overcome this problem. It comes as a boon to all those interested in the English language, for they can look up the phrase and understand the meaning behind them. Not only is the book a very good companion for students, but it is also good for those who find the language at times beyond comprehension. Besides this it will help in enriching their language, and they will be able to express themselves more effectively. It is essential for all who love the language and want to enhance their vocabulary.

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