The concept of Dictionary of Synonyms & Antonyms is to provide illustrated examples to show how words of less obvious sense are used, and markers such as ‘informal’, ‘derogatory’, and ‘obsolete’ highlight the usage style. It is replete with appropriate words that will help improve the vocabulary to a great extent. A person who has to use words to express himself or his thoughts in a better manner will benefit from owning a Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms. It is a handy reference book for better choice of words to enhance and improve language skills.This book serves this purpose more than any other. This useful reference goes beyond a thesaurus, explaining the fine shades of meaning that differentiate synonyms. Alphabetical arrangement of terms makes it easy to find the right words. Similarly Antonyms, meanings and their usages have also been provided. This is a good book to have if you are a poet, writer, student, or just a word-lover. It will serve as a useful guide to find and use the most appropriate word.

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