In this book, an analytical and critical account of the political history of early modern India is provided. The book covers the complete syllabus of Modern History for the main civil services examination and has material that is immensely helpful for the prelims as well. The contents of the book are extremely relevant as they have been prepared after a thorough analysis of the current syllabus. Moreover, the book also consists of numerous solved practice papers and previous years solved question papers chapterwise, making it more user-friendly.



Section A: Text Matter

1. The Maratha Empire—3

2. Later Mughals—16

3. The Rise of Regional States—29

4. Emergence of European Powers in India—51

5. Constitutional Development and Acts—69

6. Governor-Generals and Viceroys of India—84

7. The Revolt of 1857—109

8. Social and Religious Reform Movements—122

9. Development of Modern Education and Press—154

10. Pre-Congress Political Associations and Development of ICS—167

11. Birth of Indian National Congress—179

12. Struggle for Independence: Early Phase (1885 to 1918)—191

13. The Gandhian Era in India (Second Phase)—217

14. Struggle for Independence: Third Phase (1927 to 1939)—233

15. Struggle for Independence: Fourth Phase (1940 to 1947)—255

Section B: Practice Papers

Practice Paper 1—271

Practice Paper 2—289


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