The Civil Services are the most prestigious and responsible services in India. It is a major attraction for the educated youth. Every youth desires to become a Civil Servant. In a population of over 125 crores, merely 1,000 Civil Servants are selected every year from amongst several lakhs of candidates who apply. From these figures, one can easily understand the superiority and importance of the services.
The candidates who apply for the services have to undergo a three-phase selection process. The candidates who manage to qualify the fiery examinations are selected and pledge to serve the nation with their unmatched radiance.
This book is a humble attempt to guide candidates on the road to preparing for the Civil Services Examination. This book tells you how to prepare for the examination and the points to remember while studying for it. Most of the difficulties and doubts which the candidates face have been addressed by this book. The author of the book is himself an IAS officer and was a topper in the Civil Services Examination. This book is based on his deep and vast experience which he has presented before the aspiring candidates. This is a very useful book for all the candidates appearing for competitive examinations and also for those who want to succeed in their career.

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