"Indian Economy for Civil Services and other Competitive Examinations

The all-new edition of Indian Economy is designed to systematically explain the concepts of Indian economics to students for obtaining high scores in the examinations.

Features of the Book:

• Comprehensive Coverage of Latest Syllabus

• Union Budget 2022-23

• Summary of Economic Survey 2021-22

• Glossary

• Updated with latest changes in government’s policies

Focus of the Book:

• Exhaustive revision of concepts

• Thorough preparation

• Attention to details via easy-to-understand language usage

The book is a one-stop source of complete study material for proper preparation of Indian Economics allows an all-inclusive preparation providing the aspirants to learn, revise, and gauge their progress at par with the examination level. It comprehensively covers the following units:

1) Introduction to Economics

2) Development Strategy and Economic Reform

3) Banking Sector

4) Financial Markets in India

5) Industrial Sector in India

6) Agriculture Sector

7) Service Sector in India

8) Infrastructure Sector in India

9) External Sector

10) Inflation

11) National Income

12) Public Finance

13) Economic Planning in India

14) Social Sector in India

15) Black Money or Parallel Economy

16) Climate Change and Sustainable Development

17) Goods and Services Tax (GST)

18) Summary of Economic Survey 2021-22

19) Union Budget 2022–23

20) Glossary"

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