The state of Jharkhand is a hyperphysical example of the enormous diversity of natural, cultural, political and geographical structure.
Jharkhand is a land which swings in music and dance. Its people enjoy the tune of dhol, mandar and flute which strengthens the spirit of collectivism. The festivals and rituals such as Karma, Sarhul, Tusu, Sohrai are centred on rituals of nature characterised by the blessings of nature’s pristine simplicity and its exquisiteness. ‘Walk where dance and music is speech’ -- this is the definition and origin of Jharkhand.
This book gives complete information about the state of Jharkhand. The book contains twenty chapters where it meticulously analyses the historical, geographical, political, social, cultural and economic situation of the state in detail. The logical and interesting presentation of the recent development and change in Jharkhand social arrangement makes it unique.
Apart from this, various schemes which implemented in Jharkhand, Jharkhand Statistical Presentation and to analyse competitiveness for Jharkhand’s exams, chapters like Jharkhand Questionnaire are its key features.
This book provides information for thoughtful interpretation along with informative facts. This book will be of great use to not only the students appearing for competitive exam students but also for a first-hand account of Jharkhand for the reference of researchers, teachers and readers.
Main Attraction of First Edition
Administration System of Different Tribes
• Sociocultural Traditions of Tribes
• Folklore of Jharkhand
• Chhotanagpur Tenancy Act, 1908
• Santhal Parganas Tenancy Act, 1949
• Important Economic Policies
• Displacement and Rehabilitation Policy
• Surrender and Rehabilitation Policy, 2009
• Other Important Policies
• Planning of State
• Climate Change
• Disaster Management in Jharkhand
• Jharkhand Economic Survey 2019-20
• Jharkhand Budget 2020-21
• Statistical Representation of Jharkhand
• Current Affairs
• Practice Question Sets


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