(1) The Book NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) Fundamentals of Science Guide is a book devised especially for class 10 students to prepare excellently for NTSE exam. It contains complete comprehensive and fundamental theory of every topic with shortcut tricks to find the answer quickly and easily. It covers all the NTSE Syllabus, accompanied by numerous multiples choices questions and answers. (2) This book is divided in the three parts, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Each section covered all the relevant topics which are required in NTSE exams. (3) To help students practice the concepts discussed in the chapters, practice exercises have been provided at the end of each chapter with hints and solutions. This book is very helpful for class 10 students to equip them with all the weapons to tackle NTSE exam. (4) This book is prepare by Team Prabhat, is ideal for students who are preparing for NTSE exams. It has a neatly illustrated layout covering all the topics necessary for an aspiring student appearing for the NTSE exam.

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